Client Testimonial for CSz Team-Building

ComedySportz NYC loves working with corporate clients and the clients tend to love us too. Here’s an email from a recent client (note: her group was fantastic to work with and she herself was quite awesome).

“Hi Jill,

Please pass along my thanks to all of the great coaches/facilitators we had on site, especially Drew. I received terrific feedback on the team building activities at our meeting, and I could tell by the laughter echoing through the halls that everyone was enjoying themselves.  Over the next few weeks I even caught a few references to the games and activities in the halls.  In my opinion, this was one of the most enjoyable team building exercises I’ve been a part of, and I’m so glad that we had the opportunity to work with you.


Thank you, Brooke. If you’re interested in having us teach team-building at your organization, contact

ComedySportz and Special Needs Programming

This past weekend, ComedySportz New York had the honor and privilege of working with the Adaptations Group at JCC in Manhattan. Adaptations is part of the Young Audlt Life Skills Network and focuses on programming for Young Adults with Special Needs.

Photo Credit: Ariel Taub

Two of our members, Drew and John, visited the group on Saturday night to do an All-Star Duo Show, and play some games and exercises with the group. Here’s what the incredibly nice and awesome Director had to say about the event:

Thank you so much for coming. I do think our Adaptations members fully enjoyed the evening.

The ComedySportz team fully engaged our group of Adaptations (Young Adult Life Skills Network) members. Their unique games and comic routines kept everyone on their toes and ready for a good time. Smiles and laughs ruled the evening. Everyone has asked for them to return!


Hannah Kaplan-Cohen
Director, Special Needs Parenting, Professional and Support Programs
The JCC in Manhattan

To find out more about our Special Needs Programming, contact Jill at

Letter from a Mother

We got this email recently from a mother who celebrated her daughter’s birthday at one of our ComedySportz shows.  Thanks for the email and positive feedback, Happy Mother!

Hi Jill,

I just wanted to say thank you for your help in making the night a success. The girls absolutely loved the show, just as I hoped. They spent the whole ride home repeating lines they liked, and they have been trying to improvise their own tunes and skits since.

Your cast is terrific – so incredibly clever, funny, and talented. I rarely stopped laughing and, more importantly, neither did the girls. I’m thrilled to have this “PG” version that the kids can enjoy. Both of our experiences there have been top rate, and we will definitely pass along the word! We look forward to our next visit.

Thanks again!
-Happy Mother