ComedySportz at Hole in the Wall Gang Camp

ComedySportz NY recently had the honor of working with the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp in Connecticut. We performed a show and did a workshop with the kidz and all of the players had a blast.

Here’s one quote from Lee, a player on the trip:

Going and doing a show for the kids there, was as amazing this time as it was the last.  The camp is a very special place, and you feel it as soon as you walk in.  When you go back, sign me up.

For more on Hole in the Wall, check out their website. For more on our community involvement, check out our Community page.

CSz and Children's Hospitals

While in Indianapolis for the 2011 WCL Championships, one of our players had the chance to do a remote show for kids sick in the hospital.

Players from around the country gathered to play an All-Star match to help support Peyton Manning’s Children’s Hospital and provide a laugh or two. Big thanks to Lee for representing the New York team.

To learn more about our Community efforts, check out our Community page.