Player Spotlight: Tamara Nolte

It’s the holiday season, so I figured what better way to celebrate than by dedicating this post to Tamara Nolte, our social media coordinator; as a way of giving thanks for her hard work.tamara nolte

Oh, who is Tamara Nolte? She’s our new player from Chicago, by way of Boston and Media, Pennsylvania. (If you were thinking of making the joke “Do they produce a lot of media, in Media?” Trust me, it’s not as funny as you’d think. I already tried it.)

To say that Tamara (pronounced Tam-era, like Camera) has been performing for a while, is an understatement. While in Pennsylvania, she participated in at least three to four productions a year, with the Young People’s Theatre Workshop and Upper Darby Summer Stage (yeah, that same place that Tina Fey wrote about in her biography). “The intensity to which everything is produced is amazing. The production value is so high; from the costumes, to sets and everything. The only thing is, Aunt Eller is 14 years old.”

However, learning that this Cancerian was a young theater superstar (those are my words, not hers 🙂 ) wasn’t really a surprise to me. She has the playfulness and poise of someone who has been performing all of her life, every time she takes the stage.

So, how did Tamara get involved with ComedySportz? To hear her explain it, she had her heart set on studying improv after graduating from Boston College. While at Boston College, she performed as Gilmer in Godspell, and enjoyed improvising within the play so much that she decided to take classes as the Improv Asylum. After graduation, she moved to Chicago to study at the Second City Conservatory, Annoyance Productions and Improv Olympic; where she became a member of their Harold Team, “Quincy.” All of this experience and her love of rhyming, eventually led her to book a gig called “The BeatBox,” which incorporated a lot of short form games in the show. Being pretty inexperienced in that style of play, Tamara soon enrolled in some ComedySportz classes and the rest is a part of her 10 year Chicago improv history.


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Since, Tamara is a seasoned improviser and a female, I had to ask how she felt about the term “Female Improviser.”

“I don’t hate the term. I am a female improviser. That is technically what I am. I never really acknowledged the “femaleness” of being an improviser, until much later in my improv career. Although I don’t play the gender card that often, I think that there are sensibilities or cultural understandings that impact how women and men play within scenes, and in the world, with each other; and to not acknowledge that would be foolish.”

Final thought: when I asked what she would want to see changed about her life, if she read this interview a year from now, she replied, “I would like to know the City a bit more. Things are still fresh and up in the air, so I would hope that I would be a little more settled….Bring it New York!”

Well said, T. And I (and New York) look forward to getting to know you, too.

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