Two Loyal Fans get a Halloween Treat this Halloween Season

This is the October 19, 2013 Cast.

Our cast for Saturday, October 19th  featured Alicia Barnatchez, Tamara Nolte and Michael Jeffrey Cohen (affectionately known as MJC) on Team Red and Lee Alan Barrett, Clay Drinko and me (Michelle Francesca Thomas) on Team Blue; with Mike Gregorek as Ref and double duty Dreagn Foltz on Keys and Voice.

This weekend two unsuspecting audience volunteers May and Will shared with us a story about their average day in New York City to which the Blue Team transformed into a Halloween adventure. It went as follows:

Imagine you’re a petite woman who notices that your beloved dog, Tofu (yeah, go with it) was not quite behaving like himself.  Doing what any loving pet owner would do, you take him to the creepy Mr. Burns/Vincent Price-like veterinarian, in your random Brooklyn neighborhood, to get checked out; when all of a sudden Tofu attacks the vet! Afraid that he’ll turn on you, you convince yourself that things will be okay if you and Tofu just take a nap. Then just as you get comfortable, you hear your nerdy friend William calling your name. Through the fog that suddenly materializes in your house, you and Will, frantically search for each other; Marco-Polo style. It’s clear you’re both having a crazy day, but luckily Will has a plan for escape….the N train.

Into the oddly incredibly dark train car you go; hoping that you won’t get stuck in between stations, in an even darker tunnel. The car is mostly empty, except for you and Will….and a creepy bum that keeps brushing up against you and asking for a dollar. With nothing to fend him off with, you beg for the train to get to your destination and with the only luck that you’ve had all day; you arrive in Midtown Manhattan, as if someone magically shrunk your half hour commute to forty seconds. Overjoyed to have escaped killer Tofu and the creepy bum, you start walking down the street; only its pitch black with limited lights and out of the blue you’re on Sixth Avenue! (You know, the scariest place ever to get lost.)

To say that you and Will are scared is an understatement. At every turn there are people running, bumping, bumming, crying and laughing frantically, and worst of all, selling tickets to comedy shows. Too exhausted to fight the vendor off, you buy the tickets and he leads you on. A man dressed as a referee greets you. But this isn’t a stadium, so this must be a trick. Unsure of what game he will have you play, you follow his instructions with trepidation; “just down that long, dark hall and through the door. On the other side…your destiny.”

If the previous seemed like something out of a horror movie, you’d be half right. It was the Blue Team’s horror version of “Day in the Life” featuring one of our audience volunteers (a.k.a Loyal Fanz), May.

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