Loyal Fan Spotlight: Kayla Ryan

1471247_10151776354206516_1777111345_nEvery weekend there are hundreds, dare I say, thousands of Loyal Fanz that come out to watch our matches across the country. They enjoy the fun and healthy competition, then leave with some stories to share with their friends and family, who weren’t there.

However there’s usually another group of Loyal Fanz at every match, that you can “sense” from the stage. They’re the kind of people that are so locked in; it’s almost as if they are mentally playing the games with us. I call them “Loyal Fanz For Life” or “LFFL” for short.

A few weeks ago after a match, one young lady that was sitting amongst a group of LFFLs came up to us and introduced herself as Kayla Ryan, Loyal Fan from Buffalo; who has decided to tour every ComedySportz city in the country.


That’s awesome! “Tell me more,” I thought, but unfortunately before I could get a chance to get into my hard-hitting journalist stance, Kayla and her friends flew off into the night. Luckily for me, there’s Facebook and Gmail. So after a week of corresponding, here’s what I found out about this awesome young woman from Buffalo. 


Kayla Rosemary Ryan is a self-proclaimed “really big Loyal Fan.”  When I asked why she loves it so much, she said “THERE ARE A MILLION REASONS! If I write them all you will never get my responses to all of your questions.” But after a few days, she was able to sum it up in this thought: “You never know what you are going to see! Every show is different.”

Some of Ms. Ryan’s favorite games are Simon, Replay at Bernies and Hallmark Card. When I asked if she could see a ComedySportz open anywhere, she said “it would be really cool if there was at least one ComedySportz on every continent. I might be the only one who would actually want to visit ComedySportz Antarctica… but it would be awesome! Also, if there was a ComedySportz Middle Earth, I would go to it. Just saying…” For now, she plans to visit Philadelphia, in January, for the next stop of her tour.

In addition to her passion for ComedySportz, Kayla has started her own accessories business. Sorry, no website yet, but if you’re in the Buffalo area talk to her after one of their shows. She’ll probably be there. Kayla once went six months straight without missing a show. She also loves bowling, reading and playing Encore. “I’ve never lost and will gladly accept any challengers,” she comments.

Sounds like Kayla also has the competitive edge that is inside every ComedySportz Player.

Oh, and remember what I said about how LFFLs seem to be mentally playing the games with us? In this case, it’s probably because Kayla has taken ComedySportz classes; so she’s probably one step closer to being a Player than she thinks.

Kayla believes that “everyone should try taking improv classes sometime. They were a lot of fun and they really helped boost my confidence. I went from being extremely shy, to having the ability to form somewhat coherent sentences when talking to strangers.”  You can absolutely tell that from her responses and beautiful smile. Thanks Kayla!