Lynn Marie Hulsman

Name: Lynn Marie Hulsman
Player Since: Many a year ago.
Favorite Game: Sing It!
Special Skillz: Singing, Scenework, Coaching


LYNN MARIE HULSMAN has been seen in NYC and regionally in such plays as Love of the Nightingale, Wanda’s Visit and My Soul is Mine. She once worked a season at The Williamstown Theatre Festival as a guppy in a pond of stars. She is a co-founder of the all-girl sketch group, Hits Like A Girl, which has performed at the Big Stinkin’ Comedy Festival, Caroline’s Comedy and the Red Room. Her standup has been seen at Rose’s Turn, the Poole Party, Mom’s Cracking Up and elsewhere. Lynn Marie holds a B.A. in theater and attended The Neighborhood Playhouse. She is Artistic Director of Comedysportz New York.