Dan Fleming

Name: Dan Fleming
Player Since: 1988
Favorite Game: Forward/Reverse
Special Skillz: Characters, Zaniness


DAN FLEMING started performing in 1988 with ComedySportz in Milwaukee and continued performing with CSz in Madison. He then moved to New York and began performing with ComedySportz New York while studing acting at the William Esper Acting Studio. He continued to act and improvise which led to the formation of the sketch comedy group, The Bert Fershners, which performed at the Aspen Comedy Festival. There, they were discovered by Comedy Central which produced The Bert Fershner’s First TV Special. Dan has created and performed many funny things for MTV and with the sketch group, The Tenth Floor. He can currently be seen doing stand up in various venues as well as in a Rogaine commercial as the brother who should have started earlier.