Walk Away With A Date Night!


OK. Couples have had their day; now’s it’s the singles’ turn to play. And singles who play together often couple up together. That’s why ComedySportz is offering “Walk Away with a Date Night,” a Singles-Only Improvisation Drop-In Class, on February 22, 2014 from 3-5 pm. Having fun makes getting to know people so much easier, and this casual, lively workshop will encourage singles to mix, mingle and play games (improv games, that is–not the kind that end in heartbreak). And after the workshop, you and your alluring classmates will get to laugh together through the evening, because all attendees will get free entry to our regular 6 pm ComedySportz show!

The class is $30 and includes free admission to our 6pm ComedySportz Show.

Sign up for the class here!