Short-Form Improv is Fun and Useful! Take a class with ComedySportz!

Have you ever watched Who’s Line is It Anyway or a live ComedySportz show and thought “I’d never be able to do that?” Well, now you can! ComedySportz New York has recently started a training center!

This is your chance to dive into the secret world* of short-form comedy and build skills needed to stay alive in our fastpace on-the-go world.

What skills can you gain from an improv class? Glad you asked. Here are just a few:

      • Improved Communication
      • Confidence
      • Patience with yourself (scene partner/co-worker/family member, etc)
      • Active Listening
      • Strengthened Relationships
      • Fun**

Still think this isn’t for you? Yes? Have you tried it? No? So, how do you know? Please don’t say, “Because I know me” as a knee jerk response, when deep down you’re letting fear speak for you. As we say in improv: “Follow the Fear.”


Improv is for anyone. In fact, the instructor for this class, Drew Tarvin, is a self proclaimed introvert and former straight-laced corporate man at Procter and Gamble.  It was in college, however, that he started an improv group and has been going strong ever since.  In his own words: “Improv has made a huge impact on my life, both professionally and personally. I’m excited to have the opportunity to teach people the same skills that have been such a big part of my success.”

So, what now? “It’s just for inspiring comedians”, you say. Wrong. Lawyers, dentists, EMT’s, finance officers, etc. have all said that improv has improved all aspects of their life.


Also, please don’t say, “But Drew started when he was young and I’m not!” That’s an even worse excuse, just look at those 60, 70, 80, and 90 year olds that have ran and swam marathons, had babies and done other things that are supposedly reserved for the young.


So, no more excuses. Classes are enrolling now, so sign up today! Over our life’s span, we regret the things that we didn’t do more than the things we did.***


Saturdays from 3pm-5pm.
@ The Broadway Comedy Club (318 West 53rd St. (near 8th Ave), NYC)
Price: $250 for six weeks

Click here to learn more!

*Short form is not really a secret.

**Fun by itself is not really a skill but learning how to have and make fun things happen is.

***Except for maybe the Village People, surely they had some regrets.