Course Catalog

Classes are led by our faculty of experienced short-form improvisers. Classes are two hours long and take place once a week for 6 weeks. Classes are held at a rehearsal space near our theater (locations vary).  The cost for each level is $250. All class payments are non-refundable, and can only be applied to the level you have signed up for. (Internships in exchange for classes may be available. Please email for details.)

Improv 101: Introduction to Improvisation

In our Improv 101 Class, you’ll learn the fundamentals of improvisation!  Through warm-ups, exercises and games, we help improve skills such as listening, teamwork, trust, public speaking, instinct, and agreement, all while laughing and learning.


Improv 202: Scene Work

In our Improv 202 Class, you’ll build on the fundamentals of Improv 101!  This level will focus specifically on scene work and how it is applied to short form comedic scene structures. (Prerequisite: Improv 101, or comparable improv training)


Improv 303: Games

Improv 303 applies your improv learning to ComedySportz’s catalog of short-form games. Accelerate your improv abilities with the speed and agility of ComedySportz-style performance. Learn why a popular game works and how to make it work better for you. (Prerequisite: Improv 202, or one full year of improv training at a 5 level improv program)

Improv 404: Styles and Genres

Improv 404 focuses on successfully using genre in performance. Genre parody is common in sketch comedy, but often avoided in performance improvisation. 404 provides a survey of the most common categories of genres/styles called for in ComedySportz performances and applies them to those games that use them most.  (Prerequisite: Improv 303)


Improv 505: Advanced Short-Form Performance

Provides an introduction to the world of professional improvisation with direct feedback and drilled scenes. In 505, your class works together to craft a unique short-form performance and in the process learns about the intricacies of effective game play, show pacing, and transition techniques. (Prerequisite: Improv 404)

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