Private Showz

Do you have a big occasion coming up?  Have a one-of-a-kind event by letting ComedySportz® New York provide entertainment for your special event.  We’ve brought versions of our shows to birthday parties, bar mitvahs, anniversary parties, and more.  Heck, we’ll put the fun back in funeral.

We have a variety of show types that can travel to you, customized to fit your event and budget.  Possible shows include:

  • ComedySportz® Full Show – This show is an hour-and-a-half, improvised head-to-head battle of “ funny” based entirely off of your audience’ s suggestions. It includes two teams of three performers, a referee, a pianist and a sound technician (if the venue requires/supports it). The definitive COMEDYSPORTZ® experience.
  • ComedySportz® Scrimmage – This show is exactly the same as the “Full Show” but with two-person teams and a ref. With or without a musician.
  • ComedySportz® Scrub Match – This show is a self-hosted show which includes four improvisers. With or without a musician.
  • ComedySportz® All-Star Show – This show is a two-person show, performed by the leader/improvisers. With or without a musician.
  • ComedySportz®Custom Show – If none of the above meet your needs, we can create a customized show specifically to the needs of your crowd.

Ready to book a show or want to find out more?  Email us at