High School League

Note: ComedySportz® New York is in the process of creating the High School League in this area.  If you’re interested in being part of our first season next year, please contact our in-school Education Manager.

Are your high school students ready to write, direct, and perform theater they create? With ComedySportz®, they have that chance. ComedySportz® High School League can help your school build an improvisation program, or improve an existing one, all at low cost.

The ComedySportz® High School League coaches students in improvisation and enables your high school to produce CSz HSL matches all year long! High School League players transform improvisation into a hilarious interactive show audiences will come to time and time again.

The best part is that many schools find the program to be cost-neutral or even profitable. Your school keeps 100% of the box office from your shows allowing you to quickly can repay the registrations costs and more.  In fact, in some of the schools in our sister programs in California, ComedySportz® has become more profitable than football!

Pricing Includes:

  • An all-League game festival called Gamecon.
  • 4 private workshops
  • An extra production workshop for first-year teams
  • Team leadership workshops
  • Unlimited performance rights for the academic year
  • Unbelievable skill training for your students
  • Advisor, Manager and Player Manuals
  • Your right to keep 100% of box office

Ready to sign your school up?  Email us at education@csznewyork.com or call 646-580-0291.