Skill-based Workshops

As ComedySportz® performers, we use our improvisation skills onstage to make people laugh. Conveniently, offstage we use them to run a successful business.

Improvisation is the perfect tool for teaching the vital soft business skills that they don’t teach in an MBA program.  Experiential in nature, our skill-based workshops are fun, effective, and memorable.

Learning these skills from a text-book or a 100-slide PowerPoint is like trying to learn how to play the Guitar by only reading sheet music and never picking up a guitar.  ComedySportz® workshops are like playing the guitar with Jimi Hendrix as your guide.

Here’s a list of the most popular skills we help improve with improv:

  • Collaboration
  • Communication (verbal and non-verbal)
  • Creativity / Ideation
  • Presentations
  • Public Speaking

Each workshop can be customized to fit your schedule and can last from as little as 3 hours to an entire 3-day intensive.

For more details or to book a ComedySportz® workshop, email us at or call 646-580-0291.