One of the biggest keys to success in any organization is the strength of its team–even if you have the best employees, if they don’t work together, they’ll never reach their full potential (as evidenced by the 2004 Olympics U.S. Men’s Basketball Team).

ComedySportz® can help your team achieve the same group mind that allows improvisers to make up entire shows or musicals that seem as if they were scripted.  Through a series of fun, on-your-feet activities based on improvisational theatre techniques, participants explore the crucial elements all strong teams have in common:

  • Expert listening skills.
  • Collaboration and Cooperation.
  • Creative Problem-solving.
  • Trust.

The workshop is designed to create a safe environment in which participants feel comfortable letting go of inhibitions, laughing and seeing each other in a new light. After each exercise, our expert facilitator leads a discussion in which participants examine the skills explored and how they can immediately apply these new techniques to enhance productivity in the workplace.

ComedySportz® Workshops are great for both Leadership and Team Development, and can be customized for any type of group, from corporate executives to medical office staff to college resident advisors!

For more details or to have ComedySportz® New York strengthen your team, email us at or call 646-580-0291.