Interactive Keynotes

Improvisation teaches us a lot (about comedy, about teams, about life), and while the best way to learn about the power of improv is by experiencing it, we understand it’s not always feasible to have a full improv workshop–maybe you only have 15-minutes to spare at your off-site, you have a limited budget and 1,000 attendees, or your event takes place in the 2500 cubic feet of your Space Shuttle.

That’s why we offer Interactive Keynotes (presented by Humor That Works) on a few specific topics that can help your organization learn the value of improvisation, humor, and fun.  Ranging from 15 to 60-minutes, these keynotes are informative, interactive, humorous and engaging, AND they can be tailored specifically to your event.

Having an offsite about teamwork? We’ll talk about how improv can help.  Meeting to solve a wicked problem? We’ll show you how humor plays a role.  Getting together to celebrate success?  We’ll present on how fun can be fun.

Here’s what we offer.  Don’t see something you like? Suggest a topic and we’ll let you know if it’s possible.

  • What Business Can Learn From Improv – Learn about the fundamentals of improvisation and how they can help your business achieve better results.
  • The Value of Humor in the Workplace – Find out why humor is so important in the workplace and start to learn how you can start having more fun in the office today.
  • Stand-up Comedy for Stand-up Results – Get inside the mind of a stand-up comedian and learn how the same skills that make people laugh are the same skills needed for a successful business.
  • Communicating Confidently – Learn tips and techniques for communicating more effectively one-on-one, in meetings and during presentations.
  • 1+1 = 3 — Bad Math, Great Teams – Discover how effective teams are greater than the sum of their parts and what you can do to start leveraging each other for greater success.

ComedySportz® New York is proud to present these keynote offerings in partnership with Humor That Works.