Custom Entertainment

While the CSz Road Show is our traditional corporate offering, we also offer a variety of interactive shows, any of which can be customized to fit your event’s theme and company’s mission in both a respectful and hilarious way.

Our Team is a seasoned batch of comedy writers, performers and entertainment specialists and always finds the perfect way to add humor to even the most elegant affair.  From small events (staff dinners, holiday parties) to large assemblies (annual meetings, general sessions), we’re a perennial favorite with all manner of businesses because of our reputation for clean comedy, flexibility and professionalism.

Think that we’re only about improv?  ComedySportz® performers and writers have appeared on such notable hits as Jimmy Kimmel Live, Comedy Central, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, The Disney Channel, JibJab, Channel 101, Robot Chicken, The Sarah Silverman Show, Reno 911, Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock.  We know comedy and can help you put together the perfect show for your event.

Want to learn more? Email us at or call 646-580-0291.