It’s not stand-up comedy about sports, 

it’s improv comedy played as a sport.

ComedySportz® New York City is fast-paced, family-friendly improvisational comedy, played as a sport. Two teams take turns making up scenes, playing games and singing songs – and the audience votes on which team they like the best. It’s all presided over by a referee, who keeps things moving, calls the ComedySportz® fouls and takes suggestions shouted out by the audience before each game.

 Our space is currently closed due to COVID 19. Come see our Virtual Live Show every Saturday at 6PM on Facebook Live.

No tickets needed just log onto Facebook.

Check out our PRIDE Match this Sunday, June 28th at 6PM.

Look forward to see you soon. 

The show is free if you would like to help support CSz NYC.

You can send funds to us via PayPal.

We encourage our loyal fans to donate to and read about the numerous funds, organizations, and petitions our CSz New York players have recommended at

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