ComedySportz NYC Celebrates Mother’z Day!

photo Mom deserves a break. You know it; we know it; if there’s one thing for sure, she knows it. And there’s no better way to ease the stress and strain of Mom-itude than to have a good laugh. So on May 10, the day before the big day (so this also serves as a reminder to buy her flowers), we’re presenting an extra-special show—and moms get in FREE!

 Here what’s happening: On Saturday, May 10 at 6 pm, our ComedySportz NYC home team, the mighty Manhattan Muggers, will take on their most powerful and feared opponents yet: a team of all MOMS! That’s right, some of our most hilarious act-letes are mothers themselves, and they’re going to send the Muggers packing (after making sure they have their hats and gloves, of course—these things matter to the Mater).

It all happens at the Broadway Comedy Club, 318 W 53rd Street. Tickets are $15 in advance/$20 at the door. But not for moms! No, we’re picking up the tab for dear mother. All you have to do is enter the discount code MOMMY when you purchase your tickets.

 ComedySportz NYC’s Mother’z Day show: the comedy show that’ll make her kvell about how wonderful her little darlings are


10th Anniversary After Party Announced!




On Saturday, April 26 at 6 pm, a shrewdly selected roster of ComedySportz NYC all-stars will pull out all the stops (as well as the champagne corks) (champagne not guaranteed) (champagne really, really not guaranteed) and perform a spectacular Match of the Decade consisting entirely of the improv gamez our fanz love most! It all goes down at the Broadway Comedy Club, 318 W 53rd Street. Tickets are $15 in advance/ $20 at the door. And for this special occasion only, our show will be 90 minute long with an intermission! GET TICKETS HERE!

Then, after the show, we’ll head over to the very copacetic 3 Monkeys Bar and Restaurant (236 W 54th Street) to continue the celebration with our loyal fanz! Yeppers, this night is all about the fanz who have kept us going for a whole decade.



At long last, here is the information you have been waiting for…

We are excited to announce our Improv 202 class is starting this April!

In our Improv 202 Class, students will build on the fundamentals from Improv 101.  This level will focus specifically on scene work and how it is applied to short form comedic scene structures. All students must have attended Improv 101 to enroll.
The class will be held on April 19 – May 24 from 12 – 2pm @ The Broadway Comedy Club.
You can learn more and sign up here:
Students who register before April 1, 2014 and use the promo code EARLYBIRD202 will receive $75 off the 6 week registration! 

10th Anniversary Spectacular!

ComedySportz New York is excited to announce our 10th Anniversary Spectacular!photo-11

We were laughing so hard, we didn’t even notice ten years rush by. Why, when we started, there was no such thing as an iPad…Netflix was sending us DVDs in red envelopes…and Howard Dean was still a plausible presidential candidate. But here we are—in 2014–and ComedySportz New York City has reached the double-digits. And we’re kicking off our year-long birthday celebration on April 26!

Here what’s happening: On Saturday, April 26 at 6 pm, a shrewdly selected roster of ComedySportz NYC all-stars will pull out all the stops (as well as the champagne corks) (champagne not guaranteed) (champagne really, really not guaranteed) and perform a spectacular Match of the Decade consisting entirely of the improv gamez our fanz love most! It all goes down at the Broadway Comedy Club, 318 W 53rd Street. Tickets are $15 in advance/ $20 at the door.

ComedySportz NYC’s 10th Anniversary Spectacular is the comedy show they’ll be talking about for the next ten years.


ComedySportz® New York City is an all-ages friendly, fast-paced improv comedy show that’s been making NYC audiences laugh since 2004. They do comedy shows every Saturday at 6 pm that are great for the whole family, great for business entertainment and great for groups of all types.


ComedySportz NYC: 10th Anniversary Spectacular

Improv Comedy Show featuring an all-star lineup and all fan-favorite gamez!

Saturday, April 26 at 6 pm at the Broadway Comedy Club, 318 W 53rd Street. Tickets are $15 in advance/ $20 at the door.


Tickets: Tickets may be reserved over the phone at 646-580-0291 or online at . More information about ComedySportz New York City can be found at



ComedySportz March Madness


The ComedySportz Theatre announced today the challengers for their annual March Madness comedy series. The annual improv tournament pits the ComedySportz ensemble against unlikely competitors. Always popular with loyal ComedySportz fans, shows are for three consecutive Saturday nights  at 6pm. This year the match ups include ComedySportz vs. Nerds, ComedySportz vs. Shakespeare and ComedySportz vs. Puppets.

     “March Madness is really fun for our fans,” says ComedySportz performer and March Madness Team Member Tamara Nolte  “Normally we play our ComedySportz matches against each other but during March Madness we take on competitors that change the expectations for our fans and leave all of us, even the players, cracking up.”

ComedySportz vs. Nerds- March 15, 2014 at 6pm

ComedySportz vs. Puppets – March 22, 2014 at 6pm

ComedySportz vs. Shakespeare – March 29, 2014 at 6pm

WHERE: Broadway Comedy Club, 318 W 53rd

COST: $15 per ticket in advance, $20 at the door.

NOTE: Appropriate for all ages.

Tickets: Tickets may be reserved over the phone at 646-580-0291 or online at . More information about ComedySportz New York City can be found at


Players Spotlight: Anna Abhau Elliott


Anna Anna bo-bana

banana fana fo fana
me mi mo mana Anna

If you haven’t guessed by that lovely homage to The Name Game, this month’s Player’s Spotlight is dedicated to Anna Abhau Elliott.

Anna, one of our newer players, is originally from Philadelphia (the Mount Airy section, to be exact). Growing up, she was a fan of ComedySportz Philly, and she started improv while in high school. She was chosen to participate in an avant garde magic show in New York; and throughout high school, she performed improv with This Side Up, a division of the MacGuffin Theatre and Film Company.

Moving forward a decade or so, Anna graduated from Tisch School of the Arts at NYU with a BFA in Drama and a minor in history. Anna says she “didn’t participate in much improv because of her rigorous studies;” however, she and a few friends did create performances of “devised theater.” Specifically, they wrote a play entitled Home/Sick,which was mounted at Wesleyan University in January of this year.

So, how did Anna get involved with ComedySportz NYC? She took a improv workshop at ComedySportz Los Angeles, and the teacher was former CSz NYC player John Woodruff. He suggested she audition for CSz NYC, and the rest is (almost) a year of history.

Watching Anna play, it looks like she’s really enjoying the game. When I asked how her year has been, she replied, “Fun. I still get really nervous before shows and it is scary sometimes to play games that I’ve never played before, but everyone is very supportive.” Two games that she really enjoys are New Choice and ThreeThingz. She describes New Choice as “fun and weird.” When commenting on Three Things, she says, “If you get it right, it’s thrilling. If you get it very wrong, it’s still entertaining. It’s so surreal.”

When reflecting on comedy, Anna says, “Just making the simplest choice is really funny.” In comparing stand-up to improv, “the best joke (in writing) doesn’t always make the audience laugh. It’s weird what makes something a joke. You can aspire to make some beautiful souffle of a joke that comes together but, especially withComedySportz, you don’t have time. Just give the people what they want. You can trust the architecture of the game and not overcomplicate things.”

Anna says that her playing style is “psyched! with obscure/off kilter references…while aspiring to be simple and elegant.” Hearing all of Anna’s interesting points of view, I finally asked her, “If you could tell yourself something a year from now, what would it be?” Her reply: “I’m proud of you.”

And we’re proud of you, too, Anna.

About the Author: Michelle Francesca Thomas is a five-year improv veteran, an Essex County, NJ, native, and a lover of comedy. She has studied improv at the PIT and UCB and can been seen performing with ComedySportzNYC at the Broadway Comedy Club.

Walk Away With A Date Night!


OK. Couples have had their day; now’s it’s the singles’ turn to play. And singles who play together often couple up together. That’s why ComedySportz is offering “Walk Away with a Date Night,” a Singles-Only Improvisation Drop-In Class, on February 22, 2014 from 3-5 pm. Having fun makes getting to know people so much easier, and this casual, lively workshop will encourage singles to mix, mingle and play games (improv games, that is–not the kind that end in heartbreak). And after the workshop, you and your alluring classmates will get to laugh together through the evening, because all attendees will get free entry to our regular 6 pm ComedySportz show!

The class is $30 and includes free admission to our 6pm ComedySportz Show.

Sign up for the class here!


Laughs and Love


Dating. Spendy, right? And especially in the month of Valentine’s Day, you gotta squirrel away the bucks so you can treat your significant other to the very best. Fortunately, at ComedySportz New York City, you get both the best improv comedy AND help keeping your wining and dining expenses under control during this critical month. That’s because ALL FEBRUARY LONG, we’re offering 2 TICKETS FOR THE PRICE OF 1 for all couples attending CSz on a date. (And if the two of you are not sure you’re entirely in agreement on whether it’s a date, we won’t pry. Well, not too much, anyway.)


Battle of the Sexes!


Who is funnier–men or women? Humankind has puzzled over this question ever since cavemen and cavewomen painted a wall of their cave with red ochre (the exact shade of brick), held stone axes in their hands like microphones, and rattled off their funniest five minutes about the recent mammoth hunt while their fellow hominins heckled.

But finally, this question will be answered, and it will be answered by ComedySportz New York City. On the Saturday, February 15, at 6 pm, at the Broadway Comedy Club, you and your friends will bear witness to the ultimate gender showdown: the CSz BATTLE OF THE SEXES. Three laugh-tastic ladies will face off against three guffaw-generating gentlemen in improvised scenes, games and songs. By 7:30 pm, we will know which sex is funniest, and the winners will rub it in FOREVER.

Get tickets here!



I’ve been leading companies through applied improvisation trainings since 2008. I’ve worked with hundreds of organizations, big and small, on topics ranging from building leadership skills to communicating confidently, from team building to skill building.

And there’s one idea that stands out as an “ah-ha” in every single group. It doesn’t matter if it’s a marketing team from Procter & Gamble, a sales team from ESPN, or a group of engineers from GE. They all remember “Yes And.” (Don’t believe me? Ask our clients!)

If you’ve ever taken an improv class, you’ve heard “yes and.” It’s one of the founding principles that makes creating original content on the spot with other people possible. When you’re on stage improvising with a scene partner, you could argue about details of a scene that don’t actually exist… or you could say YES by agreeing to what the other person’s idea is AND then add your own idea. Through this you discover a scene neither of you imagined nor could create alone.

In the business world, YES AND is a powerful mindset that can improve brainstorming, build teams, change attitudes, and increase productivity. But to better understand the power of YES AND, let’s start with its counterpart, the much more popular “Yes, But.”


Starting somewhere around the 3rd grade, we are taught critical thinking skills. Our schooling teaches us to look at a situation and see what’s wrong. We solve problems and we move on. In business, we’re keenly aware that we don’t have unlimited budgets, unlimited resources, or unlimited time.

So we learn to leverage YES BUT. Because YES BUT is the nicest way to say “No.” If a coworker asks you “Hey, could you help me with this?” you can politely respond “Yes, but I wouldn’t get my work done so I can’t right now.” Or perhaps it’s a manager, “I know I’ve given you 15 other things to work on, but I need you to do this 2-week project in a day and I need it yesterday.” This can be a great time to use YES BUT, “Yes, but in order to be able to better focus on this new project, which of these other tasks would you like me to de-prioritize.”

You just told your manager “Yes,” and you (hopefully) saved yourself from going crazy from working without sleep.

Sadly, these aren’t the only instances of YES BUT that we hear. In fact, YES BUT comes up nearly every day. When a new employee has an idea for trying something new (“Yes, but we tried that in 1999.”), a coworker throws out an idea while brainstorming (“Yes, but we’ll never get the budget for that.”), or a teammate asks if you want to go to lunch (“Yes, but I thought I’d sit at my desk and eat while working because I have way too many emails.”).


At it’s most basic level, YES AND is about saying the phrase “Yes, and…” in response to an idea.

But YES AND is more than two words to use in a sentence. It’s a mindset that changes the way we think. Instead of focusing on what’s wrong with a situation, we focus on what’s right about it. Instead of dwelling on what might have been, we build on what has happened.

YES AND is about us, not you or me. It’s not about “here’s my idea, let’s do it, and only my way.” It’s “here’s an idea, let’s build on it together, and now it’s our idea.” You don’t have to look very far to know that engagement, ownership, and pride are instrumental in having a successful business.

Ready to see what YES AND can do for your organization. Check out our corporate offerings, or contact me to see how we can build an awesome event together.

Drew Tarvin is the corporate manager and lead facilitator for ComedySportz NYC. He has worked over 100 organizations on topics including communication, team building and using humor in the workplace. He is a former Computer Science Engineer and best-selling author of the book 501 Ways to Use Humor at Work. You can read more on his musings on his blog about humor at work.